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New! Books for children (and grown-up)

Saturday May 20, 2017

Campaign of financing for the creation of a Small manual of simplified porterage. To learn more about it, do to the bottom of this page.

Learn more about the natural childbirth with the book "Ma mère c'est la plus forte". An exceptional book which explains the childbirth to the children and to the couples. Simple and reassuring words. A woman giving birth with autonomy at home.


Donation of $20 minimum


A funny way to discover how animals carry their youngs. A girl has nine plushy. She enjoies carrying each in a different way: in his pocket, on its feet, upside down ... By lifting a flap, the reader discovers which animal she imitates: the kangaroo and its baby in its pocket, the koala and its baby on his back, the otter and his babies ...

Donation of $23 minimum

*To help us cover the shipment charges, we ask for a minimum $23 donation when the book is bought on our site. If this one is bought directly by Porter la Vie during an event, we ask for $20.

Express your love of the porterage why this magnificent book to be coloured! Drawings were designed by Frida and Gioia Albano, you can go on the Web site of Gioia Albano to discover its works: http: //

Donation of $28 minimum

Fundraising campaign

The world of the porterage in Quebec evolved quickly since his/her/its beginnings in the year 2000. That's why we need a reference tool up to date. Our objective is to create a small textbook(manual worker) of simplified porterage, and thus accessible(approachable) to all. This one will be conceived(designed) together with various schools of porterage and will be approved by healthcare professionals. He(it) will offer single steps in images so that all are capable of using the basic positions with all the types(chaps) of doors-babies. This textbook(manual worker) exliquera and will support(bear), in a theoretical context, the benefactions of the porterage as well as the advantages of a respectful physiological position of the development of the child.


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